Free WipEout HD Theme Today

By now everybody knows one of the key features in the recent 3.0 firmware update is the ability to have ‘Dynamic Themes’ but unfortunately a combination of late submission, eight different languages and thirteen currencies meant that Sony’s European customers missed out on having any themes to download in last week’s launch.

But thanks to a comment on the EU Blog we know that this week we thankfully will be able to take advantage of the new feature:  “In the meantime”, says the reply, “I hope you guys will enjoy the Dynamic Themes that will be available from the Store later today. There’s one each for MotorStorm & LittleBigPlanet and by way of a small thank you for having to wait that little bit longer, a fantastic Wipeout HD Fury theme that will be available to you for FREE.”


So there we have it, three premium dynamic themes coming in the store update later and one of them free of charge, thanks to last week’s delays.