PS Vita Update 3.30 Releases October 2nd & It Will Bring Themes

Sony has announced that tomorrow, October 2nd, a new update will go live for the PS Vita. This update will finally bring a much requested feature, with themes finally coming to the handheld. The themes will bring new backgrounds, icons, start and home screens, as well as different background music, and will be available to purchase from the PSN store. The update also brings improvements to the Trophies and Calendar apps.

On the Trophies app you’ll now be able to see how rare a trophy is, while in the Calender app you will be able to send event files to others via messages and email. You can also add those not in your friends list to an event. Sony have release a small gallery of some theme examples, which you can view below.

Source: PS Blog



  1. I hope they did a lot of bugfixing on the way, as connection problems are regular for the Vita these days, Near most of the time doesn’t work at all. And I am still waiting for multiple accounts, of course, so getting themes is a bit of a joke. Let’s see.

  2. That’s neat and i guess the PS4 firmware update can’t be too far away either.

  3. Hurray, finally! Hope there are some good themes to choose from.

  4. Cool, I hope they let us make our own like the PS3 themes.

  5. Didn’t read somewhere that these are just static themes?

  6. Just updated and no themes as of yet the trophies looks good though.

  7. Hope they change the round app icons…..

  8. Well, that’s an impressive update. We get a feature nobody asked for, ever, and the whole PSN goes down afterwards. Well done Sony ;)

  9. Downloaded it but can’t find any themes.

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