360 Getting New WiFi Adaptor

Thanks to a recent FCC filing we can be fairly certain that the 360 is getting a new, faster, Wireless N (802.11n) adaptor. Our certainty springs from the fact the pictured adaptor has a pair of antennas and also that the label clearly states “Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adaptor”.  That does not leave much room for misinterpretation. It is certainly a timely release with the 802.11n specification only having been formerly approved last Friday after seven years of work and around two and a half years after the finalised draft specification was released and 802.11n products started appearing.

Wireless N offers a theoretical maximum speed of 300Mbps which is close to six times the 54Mbps theoretical limit of 802.11g (and the less common 802.11a).  Of course the final approval of the standard makes little difference as many of us have been using Wireless N routers for some time now and those will continue to work fine with new kit.


This does leave the trusty old PlayStation 3 with its 802.11b/g wireless networking somewhat behind in the technology stakes, but we think it would not be difficult for Sony to add 802.11n operation.  Those familiar with my recent report of the PS3 Slim teardowns will remember that the module that handles the PS3 Slim’s wireless connectivity, both WiFi and Bluetooth, is a small daughterboard mounted on the Slim’s motherboard.  Presumably it would not take much effort or cost on Sony’s behalf to swap this module for an otherwise equivalent one that supported 802.11n.

Via Engadget