Second Nature Announcement


Well hello there, long time no see. Whilst my new residence may have yet to receive a steady stream of bandwidth to connect to the outside world with, we do at least have a mobile dongle with a shockingly low usage cap, so it’s just text-based action for me at the moment. Nevertheless, there is an announcement to be told. Last week we teased (again) at some inbound Second Nature news so rather than beat around the bush any further, I’m happy to now announce it right before your eyes.

Second Nature is becoming the regular TSA podcast. This is not a merger, just a union between two epic entities; Second Nature will stay the great babbling nonsense people have grown to love, whilst bringing more TSA features to it and providing TSA with a week-on-week (hopefully) podcast. If you’ve yet to hear a Second Nature podcast then you can either head over to iTunes and listen to one of our many previous shows, or just wait until this evening when Episode 19 will launch and become the first Second Nature with TSA podcast.

So either make sure to keep your eyes on the site later today for the latest in our inane ramblings or subscribe on iTunes and let the magic of computers work for you.