PS3 Slim Starts the Sony Comeback

It seems lots of people were waiting for Sony to bring out a cheaper, more attractive version of the PS3. Whilst the aesthetics are purely subjective (I prefer the Slim, to be honest) the price cut certainly isn’t, and it’s bringing Sony lots of new sales from people who see games consoles priced at over £250 something of a luxury, as IndustryGamers report that according to Sterne Agee analyst (yes, another analyst) Arvind Bhatia PS3 hardware sales appear to be well ahead of market expectations.

“Our channel checks show that PS3 hardware sales remained strong in the second week of September following very strong sales in the first week of September. The first week of September saw a 300% lift at top retailers according to Sony. Our checks suggest stronger pent-up demand than expected. We now believe PS3 hardware sales in September have the potential to be up as much as 75% year on year versus our most recent upwardly revised expectation of +50% year on year. We believe this is stronger than market expectations,” said Bhatia.


“We believe PS3 sales for the month of September could be up even more than our estimate of +75% depending on supply. Our contacts indicate that while PS3 supplies are currently normal there is risk of shortages by the end of this month,” he added, suggesting that potential PS3 Slim buyers should probably get down to GAME as quickly as possible.

The outlook isn’t so rosy for Microsoft,  “in contrast to the PS3, our checks show that hardware sales of Xbox 360 have shown only a slight lift of around 5% to 10% following its recent price cut. We attribute this to the fact that Microsoft’s lower priced Arcade model remained unchanged in price at $199 while the Elite model, while lowered by $100, really just replaced the Pro Model.  In addition, given our checks on the PS3, it does appear that the PS3 is picking up some share at the expense of the 360,” he concluded.