MAG Beta: Fail?

If you were lucky enough to get into the MAG beta this week hopefully you’re a patient gamer with a massive bandwidth allowance from your friendly ISP and plenty of free hard drive space because we’re getting reports in this morning that even after sitting through the hefty initial download there are more updates heading your way, some reaching over 2 GB themselves pushing the overall download close to 6GB or more.  And then chances are you won’t be able to connect anyway. Shijima, the European SOCOM & MAG Franchise Producer issued a statement last night confirming that “not even the existing users are having much luck getting into a game due to some critical download issues that the team are working to fix” and then reporting that the servers will be offline over the weekend.

Anyone without a beta code yet will then be thankful that they’ve not wasted their time, and can look forward to a much smoother attempt next week.  “Hopefully by then all the problems will be fixed and the service will be running smoothly again,” said Shijima.  On the subject of the rather massive (pun intended) download, it’s because the beta is essentially the full game.  “The team are basically giving away the whole game as part of this trial because they need to test all scenarios and circumstances to ensure that the complex back-end server systems are all functioning correctly.  If you can be patient enough with the downloads then you should be richly rewarded.”


Hopefully next week’s update will see resumable downloads, too.  “If you hear stories about people disconnecting during download after X hours and then starting from 0% again, hopefully this won’t apply to you next week.  These are two of the biggest problems that the team are working to resolve right now.  Sorry if you feel let down over all of this,” continues Shijima, “but this is the reality of Beta trials and something you should come to expect and accept if you ever want to break into the Beta Trial Community.  It is because we are having these problems at this stage that we can work to address them, in the hope that when you all purchase the final game you will have the best possible online experience for what will hopefully be one of the best online console shooters.”