FIFA 10 TV Ad Tomorrow

Remember last year’s massive TV commercial for FIFA 09 taking up the whole of a half time commercial break in the Manchester United Vs Arsenal tie? Well EA are doing it all over again this year with another whopper which premieres during tomorrows Manchester derby. The new ad will be titled ‘How Big Can Football Get?’ and will be themed around the extrodinarily huge volume of people already playing FIFA online. Fans of Shrek won’t be disappointed however as Wayne Rooney will again take a starring role along with Xavi, Benzema, Walcott, Schweinsteiger as they prepare for a big match kick off along with hoardes of fans around the world.

In the past EA have had a marketing agreement with Sony where their titles like FIFA 09 and Mirrors Edge are shown off on the PlayStation 3, I’m not sure if that is still the case with this years iteration so we’ll have to wait and see. For those without Sky Sports we’ll bring you the ad as soon as we can, but until then here’s last years ‘Lets FIFA 09’ ad in full, and as is usual with YouTube hit the HQ button if your bandwidth allows: