Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker News

I prefer Peach Walker, as i’ve mistyped so often – the premise of a giant mechanised fruit playing off against Solid Snake just sounds so appealing in a kooky kinda way.  Sadly, it’s Peace Walker, but we’re hoping the game will still carry lots of Kojima’s trademarked humour and thankfully not the daft control method from the last PSP Metal Gear Solid game.  Yes, that’s right, Konami have listened to the criticism and introduced two control types giving the player the option to switch between Shooter Type and Action Type controls.

The difference is the button layout – in Shooter mode the face buttons control the camera, and the d-pad controls the camera in Action mode, which will give the game a little more flexibility between standard first person shooter and third person adventure controls. According to AndriaSang, Kojima’s personal preference is the shooting type, and if you’re keen to sample the game you’ll need to know that there’s a playable demo available to sample from the Tokyo Game Show if you’re visiting the exhibition.


The demo, according to the official site, will offer four missions, a tutorial (single player), Neutralize the Stronghold (one to two player sneaking mission), Infiltrate the Mountain Facility (same again) and Tank Battle, a one to four player mission where players must disarm enemy tanks.  Anyone playing the demo will get a special t-shirt and badge, and if you’re still hungry for more PSP owners will be able to download a demo to their consoles from the show booths, which will be slightly different in terms of the offered missions.