Microsoft In Talks to Buy EA?

US Financial source “” are tonight reporting on the possibility that Microsoft might be maneuvering itself to buy up shares in EA. Effectively taking over the gaming giant and presumably removing future EA titles from competing platforms.

Totally unsubstantiated at the moment but allegedly sourced from Reuters (a respectable news source). The rumours seem to be coming from a swell in EA’s share price with stating:

Citing information from traders, a Reuters report said there was “unsubstantiated talk” that Microsoft(MSFT Quote) is interested in buying the publisher of the Madden, Medal of Honor and FIFA series.

Apparently neither EA or Microsoft has commented on the reports but it is reasonable to assume that there is something going if it’s being reported by respectable financial sites. Just what that something might be is anyone’s guess.

Let us know what you think it would do to the face of gaming as we know it in the comments and in the meantime we’ll keep our ears close to the ground for any further developments.