Second Nature – Episode 20 – Frangipane


That’s right! I am back! For those of you that either didn’t notice or just didn’t care, for shame. Having suffered three weeks without the net I am not back to full strength and progressing nicely along at Eurogamer on my Internship. Enough about me though. Slightly later than we planned – I blame Kris – this weeks episode is available to download.

We begin this weeks show with everything we should have put in last weeks show, with all the mentioned links are at the bottom of the post. This week we talk a bit more about Shadow Complex, FIFA 10, Plants vs Zombies, Tales of Monkey Island along with plenty of blabbering about confectionery goods and the colours of energy drinks.

We were a bit strapped for time this week so we’ve delayed Question of the Week until next show, so if you have any suggestions or simply any comments on the show, please email us at: secondnaturepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

With the wonders of the web you can grab Second Nature from either, iTunes, the wonders of RSS or go old school and just download the MP3 via this link. If you fancy getting any older Second Nature episodes and don’t like using iTunes, head on over to the Second Nature site to get any of our shows.