Abridged Too Far – Ten – Coming Tomorrow


I’m very sorry but the 10th Abridged Too Far isn’t quite ready yet. I know, I’ve let you down. But hey, at least it hasn’t been pushed back to March 2010, that is the fashion these days isn’t it? I do have something very special planned for this one and I want to ensure that it is as perfect as possible before I release it for your enjoyment. I have been spending every spare minute I have on it and at 11 pages, it is considerably larger than my usual pieces…But like I say, it’s very special.

So, at 1pm on Saturday afternoon, this very exciting edition will be unleashed. I will reveal that the game in question for the big number 10 is Fallout 3.

In the mean time, here’s a riddle to keep you busy. Decrypt the sentences to give you the name of a video game:

In reply to your shorter sibling, how do you stand?
Can you topple Adam?

I will see you tomorrow at 1pm. I cannot wait… I and know what it is!