Abridged Too Far – Ten


It’s 1 o’clock and like I promised, Abridged Too Far #10 is here. So why is this one so special? Well, you aren’t actually going to be reading anything; this is an epic audio version. Myself and some of my TSA colleagues have risked total humiliation to bring you Fallout 3, just not as you know it. I say total humiliation, in actual fact everyone is Oscar worthy.

First and foremost I would like to thank all of the guys that took part, it is very much appreciated and wouldn’t have been the same without you. I’ll owe you some cake, cheers.


So, who will you be hearing?

Narrator: Lewis (Gastos84)
Derek: Peter (ColossalBlue)
George / Fawkes / Strange Lady: Kris (Raen)
Dave / Elder Lyons / Betty: Davs (Djhsecondnature)
Li / Sheriff / Three Dog / Autumn: Lewis (Gastos84)
And a very special guest voice…
James /Amata / Eddie / Eden / Super Mutant: Michael (Michael)

Things to note:

  1. This was made from several recordings of people from all over the Country. This will inevitably mean differences in microphones and sound, but I have done my absolute best to clear all the ‘pops’ and ‘clicks’ for you. I will say that these will be more noticeable with headphones albeit, they are only minor.
  2. I have made a slight error in the story in that I confused Elder Lyons with Sarah Lyons! So, if you start wondering why our main character begins propositioning an old man, this is why! Oh dear.
  3. This is purely for fun and entertainment. Hopefully you’ll laugh, if not at the story, at some of the vocal talent on display!
  4. I will also take the liberty of pimping myself…I also wrote the music.
  5. This piece of audio contains strong language. You should not listen if you are easily offended.

Well, that’s it. Time to let you hear the magic. Oh, there is one last thing. A huge thanks to TSA’s Podcast guys, Davs and Kris, for hosting this on their site.

Abridged Too Far – 10 – Fallout 3 Audio (29:54)