Official WRC Game Announced

I can’t find anything official just now but if Rally fansite “RallyBuzz” is to be believed then those of you who weren’t too impressed with the distinctly American feel to large portions of DiRT2 are about to get your wish.

According to RallyBuzz there is a new WRC licensed game on the way from Black Bean Games (who made the SBK games) and it’s coming on the PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2010. That seems quite soon for a game we haven’t heard of until now. I also have some recollection of a Gran Turismo 5 trailer showing the WRC logo (so presumably licensed?). Hopefully the guys at Black Bean can do enough to make this stand out from the other racing games that are piling up beside our consoles in the short time they have to knock out the development.

Source: RallyBuzz Thanks, beelzie14