PSPgo Rewards Problem – Don’t Use Your PS3

Remember the Rewards Programthe one where you tell your shiny new PSPgo that you’ve already owned a PSP and that you want the three download-games you’re entitled to? Well, it seems that if you redeem and download the codes you get on your PS3 you won’t then be able to play the games on your Go. The reason: Sony’s DRM on digital downloads which locks the game to the console you download them on, despite the fact that you can’t actually play those games on your PS3 anyway.


Naturally, lots of people have tried this method (it’s normally quicker to grab multiple downloads on your PS3, I do it rather than tying up the PSP) and various forum members are understandably upset – and you can’t simply delete the downloaded game from your PS3 either, whatever you do once it’s down you’re just going to get 80109D53 error codes – the game is tied to your PS3 and that’s that.

According to the EU Forums, over the weekend the Sony helpline staff were claiming they’d not heard about this. The official line in terms of instructions is to “visit PlayStation Store via your PSPgo system, select the [Redeem Codes] icon from the [Store Top] and then enter your 12 character promotion code and select [Continue].” Nowhere does it specifically say to download the game on your PSP, you’d assume you could activate the code on your Go and then download elsewhere, but this isn’t the case.

Man, I feel like Watchdog.  We’ll investigate further.