Mushroom Wars Lands On PSN Tomorrow

Creat Studios are on a roll, having just let us know that their seventh PlayStation Network title will be arriving on the PlayStation Store tomorrow for both Europe and America.  According to the email, Mushroom Wars is an fast paced real time strategy game “that brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront”.  The visual style, described as “quaint” features opposing tribes of mushroom armies battling in close quarter combat maps – the game is apparently quite straight forward with easy controls and short campaigns with clear objectives in two modes: Domination (control key points) or Conquest (defeat your opponent).

The game will feature upgradeable armies, local multiplayer, 18  Skirmish levels and 25 Campaign levels featuring meadow, forest and foothill environments, and supports cool PlayStation features like custom music and YouTube video uploading.  “Creat Studios is excited to introduce Mushroom Wars as our seventh title on PlayStation® Network in 2009,” said Anton Petrov, President of Creat Studios. “Gamers of all ages will quickly become addicted to Mushroom Wars, with its strategic and engaging gameplay.”  If it’s half as good as Digger HD (review coming soon) then we’ll be all over Mushroom Wars.