Abridged Too Far – Twelve


Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

There was once a man named…oh, no…wait. Yep, he’s been shot in the back of the head; by his team mate. There are three more of them so let’s see what happens. Oh, sorry, make that two of them. I don’t even know their names yet but it would seem that soldier number 2 has tripped on a stone and stabbed himself in the eye with his commando knife.

Right, well this is new. Let’s not lose faith in the remaining two however. There were once 2 soldiers…Oh come on! Soldier number 3 has pulled the pin out of a grenade and is just standing there. THROW IT, YOU FOOL. THROW! Nope, he didn’t throw it. Soldier number 3 is now in pieces.

Come on lucky number 4. There was once a man called…Simon. Okay, we know his name. He was part of the…suicide squad apparently. That’s right, Simon is dead too. It would appear that he got confused as to which was the business end of his gun.

Well. So. Ummm….