Gran Turismo 5: Strange Edition

We are familiar with Limited Editions, Deluxe Editions and even Prestige Editions but what do Polyphony Digital have up their sleeves? In a promotional video for the Mercedes SLS SMG car (which you can find below), we catch a glimpse of some kind of GT5 box set. I have taken some screen grabs in case you blink and miss it.

There is no word from Polyphony Digital or Sony as to what this is but as you can see, it would appear that this man is holding something containing 3 cases. They surely can’t be having trouble fitting the game onto one Blu-Ray? Other options could also be that it includes extras along the lines of Art Books or Collector’s Edition material that we have become used to, but looking at the 3 cases, one is obviously the game case and then you have a blue and a red case.  What does this mean? More cars? Videos? Soundtrack? I don’t think this was included in the video by accident, so I’d imagine we’ll be hearing more soon.

Source: GT Planet