My Top 10: Game Cutscenes

Apologies for the delay, this Top Ten thing is harder than it looks.


In the absence of our esteemed Editor and usual Top 10 author – Peter – I have stepped into his shoes, which, by the way, are figuratively massive, but actually quite small. Seriously Peter, where do you buy your shoes? Anyway, I will try to provide you with a Top 10 that hopefully you enjoy but I know that I won’t be able to match his wit or knowledge. So here it goes. My Top Ten Game Cutscenes.

  • God of War: The hi-res cutscenes in both God of War games were amazing. Whether it be Zeus slicing Kratos in half with a massive sword or Kratos getting covered in the ashes of his family, they were awesome. Should I be worried that I enjoyed every single blood splatter, decapitation, baby-eating movie? What the hell, I’ll let my Shrink decide!
  • Uncharted 2: These cutscenes sit here comfortably in the top ten not only because of the graphics, but also because of the voice acting and scripting. Sure, Drake made some stupid choices but you can’t stay made at such a beautifully crafted face, can you?….Um, yeah…So. Beer anyone?
  • Metal Gear Solid: Do you know, if you take all MGS cutscenes and play them back-to-back without pausing, it would take you 7 years to reach the end. Kojima is the undoubted king of cutscenes and whilst most of them will confuse the hell out of you, they are brilliant.
  • Flashback: Okay, so you could recreate the graphics with MS Paint but they were charming in a weird sort of ‘I’ll put your picture on my fridge’ kind of way. There was no speech, only text, but the music was awesome. I’ll never forget the cube that Conrad activates in the early part of the game. I don’t know why but it has been seared into my brain.
  • Resident Evil: “I hope this is not Chris’ blood.” In the earlier games the acting was worse than any Jason Statham movie but they always had a knack of setting just the right level of creepiness and set you up for that pant-soiling moment. I still have nightmares about Nemesis.
  • Killzone 2: This one is probably based purely on the opening speech by Visari. Yes, the game is visually stunning but the majority of the cutscenes lacked a bit of character in my opinion. But not Visari! He could convince me to change my toilet roll brand if he wanted to.
  • The Curse of Monkey Island: We have talked a lot about Monkey Island in the past and with good reason. It belongs in the list because it’s awesome. Funny, stylish, expertly animated and superbly acted. In my opinion, it was some of the cutscenes that made the game.
  • Ico: Probably one of the most endearing games ever made, Ico had some stunning set-pieces and I never once took my eyes from the screen. Normally cutscenes are the point with which I hit pause and go make a cuppa, but not this time. From the very first time we see him standing on top of the pillar, I was hooked. Also, I’d like Social Services to nvestigate who let him climb very tall pillars in the first place.
  • Shadow of The Colossus: I’m not being lazy here; Shadow would be my next choice. The grand scale and atmosphere of each cutscene encouraged me to play through the monotonous feeling. I loved the game, don’t get me wrong, but it was a bit reptitive. I liken it to a Nan when you have to hear the same ‘Bus queue’ story 6 times in an hour.
  • Gears of War: This is on the list because it was the first next-gen title that I played. I was amazed at the graphics. Truly astounded. PS3 was a little way off still and Gears introduced me to what I have now becom used to. Seeing the chainsaw on the end of my gun, rip through a locust’s abdomen was unbelieveably satisfying. Right…Where did my Shrink go?

Well, I think I have just well and truly stuffed my chances of ever being invited to a Top Ten again! Hope you enjoy.