Play GT5 Tomorrow

Polyphony Digital likes showing off its Gran Turismo games at every opportunity. We just wish they would start ignoring all these distractions and finish GT5.  This month’s distraction for the Polyphony team is the Tokyo Motor Show.

Playable at the show from tomorrow until November 4th will be a special version of their game called Gran Turismo 5 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 Version.  The main reason for this special version is that Polyphony have modelled Toyota’s FT-86 Concept sports car which is making its début at the show.


Coincidently, just this week in Osaka’s Mainichi newspaper a Toyota executive blames the quality of modern car racing games for contributing to the decline of new car sales in Japan, “Home game machines are no good. Playing something that realistic makes the need for cars disappear.”

If you do make it over to the Tokyo Motor Show make sure you take your PSP and copy of GT PSP if you have got them.  At the Sony booth you will be able to download a set of 100 cars.  In case you cannot make it all the way to Tokyo here are some pictures of Toyota’s FT-86.  My personal favourite is the Ridge Racer-esque dockside machine delivery shot.