PlayStation Gets NetFlix

Whilst here in Europe we’re still waiting for any kind of video on demand service for our PlayStations, be that one powered by Sony or a third party, in America they’ll soon be spoilt for choice, as the US Blog confirmed that Netflix will be available on American PS3s very soon last night.  The press release says that the announcement pairs “two of the most popular and fastest growing home entertainment brands in the U.S.” with 9 million PS3s in the States and 11 million Netflix subscribers.

“The PlayStation 3 system has always been about more than just gaming, and it will soon be the only platform in the industry to offer consumers such a variety of convenient options for enjoying movies and TV shows,” said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. “Whether you want to watch content on Blu-ray disc and DVD, download it from the PlayStation Network’s video delivery service, or stream videos instantly from Netflix, the PS3 system is the only solution that offers it all.”

For $8.99 a month, Netflix members will be able to “instantly” watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed to their PS3s, the service will be via a Blu-ray disk that presumably installs the software, which will be heading out to subscribers as of today, I think.