UK PS3/360 Charts: Week Ending 24th Oct

Last week we saw quite a shake up of the Playstation chart, XBox not so much, but what’s been happening this week? We have 4 new entries to the charts and one hell of a surprise!

UK PS3 Chart: Week Ending 24th October:

I’m Shocked, I really am. Uncharted 2 hasn’t managed a second week at the top; instead PES 2010 has dived into the number one slot. I would have bet my house on Uncharted 2 having at least 2 weeks in the limelight, so it’s a good job that I didn’t. Considering all of the opinions I have heard about PES have been less than complementary, this is a turn out for the books. Anyway, I can’t stay too upset, must remain calm! Elsewhere in the chart, WWE SvR 2010 is second highest new entry in at number 4 and if the bleeping bleep that is Royal Mail would sort themselves out, that is what I would be playing right about now! Borderlands also enters just outside the top 5. ‘Batman Watch’ – The Caped Crusader has now been in the Top 10 PS3 Chart for 5 weeks; but it is slowly dropping with it sitting at number 9.

PS3 2410

UK 360 Chart: Week Ending 24th October:

This week on the XBox, Forza 3 races straight to pole position (you gotta love the puns) and judging by the reactions of those that have actually played the game, it deserves it. PES also takes to the 360 chart as the second highest new entry. It is interesting to see that PES 2010, despite its great position, is being favoured on the PS3. 66% of sales were on the Sony format, whilst 32% went to the XBox. Again, WWE SvR and Borderlands enter the charts. Interesting to see that the 360’s top 5 is almost entirely made up of new releases. Batman has slipped completely from the interest of XBoxer’s (I patent that term if it is not yet in use).

360 2410

Source: Chart Track.