Xbox 360 Sky Player Pricing

Microsoft have today announced the pricing you can pay to access the Sky Player through the Xbox 360, if you are an Xbox Live Gold Member and a Sky TV subscriber you can access the Sky Player free of charge through the console, the on-demand programs you will be able to receive will mirror those found in your Sky TV subscription, however if you want to view ‘live TV’ you will need to be a Sky Broadband Unlimited or a Sky multi-room customer otherwise there is a £9.75 charge.

For non-Sky TV subscribers the pricing mirrors that of the existing PC and Mac based Sky Player, packages start at £15 per month which includes channels like Sky Real Lives, G.O.L.D. and History, Eurogamer has listed a variety of additional packages which are available;

  • £25 – Sky Sports 1 OR Sky Sports 2 + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £34 – Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £24 – Sky Movies Screen 1 OR Screen 2
  • £32 – Sky Movies Screen 1 + Screen 2
  • £33 – One movie channel + one sports channel + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £38 – One movie channel + all sports channels, OR vice versa, + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £41 – All sports and movie channels
  • From £9 per month extra – ESPN

Handily there are some special offers available at launch these include waiving the multi-room £9.75 charge if existing Sky TV subscribers sign up before Feburary 5th and for new customers one month free subscription if you subscribe for a minimum of three months.