Sky Fell On Tuesday

Those of you hoping to access Sky Player on your 360 earlier this week will have been disappointed. Though the service launched as planned at 10AM on Tuesday it was soon suspended.  The Sky Player website as of this lunchtime still says,

Following an unpredicted technical issue at launch on Tuesday, the Sky Player on Xbox 360 service was suspended.

We would like to apologise to those who have been unable to access the service but we can assure them that Sky Player engineers are working to resolve the problem.

Microsoft and Sky have said that the “technical issue” was consumer demand.  More specifically, too much of it at once.  You would have thought by now that Microsoft would have plenty of experience at surges in demand as the only time that the generally robust Xbox Live is likely to wobble is when all those new 360s get switched on at Christmas.  In a joint statement they have said,


Sky Player on Xbox 360 launched on Tuesday 27th October and was met with phenomenal demand, with many tens of thousands of customers attempting to sign up within the first hour of launch.

Unfortunately due to the unprecedented levels of simultaneous demand, we did not have the capacity to satisfy all service requests and therefore temporarily suspended all access to the service.

While they originally hoped to be getting the system back up and running yesterday it seems that it is only today that they are starting to bring the service back up.  To try and avoid the technical issues the sudden surge in demand caused they are staggering the switch-on.

Today, the roll-out will be implemented in phases to ensure that consumers experience both a smooth sign-up process and high-quality experience. We apologise to all customers that have not been able to experience Sky Player on Xbox 360, we assure them that this is being rectified and we thank them for their patience.

Have you tried to access Sky Player on your 360?  Is it working?  What do you think of it?  Let us know in the comments.