Sony’s PlayStation Sales

Alongside their financial results Sony have published updated sales figures for PlayStation hardware and software. We will take a more detailed look at their figures and analysis later but for now, hot off the investor releases, here are those sales figures.

PlayStation Hardware


Sony’s annual forecast for their hardware sales remains unchanged from their July statement.  For the PS3 they expect to sell a total of 13m in the year to next March.  Combined sales of PSP-3000s and PSPgos are forecast to reach 15m while the PS2 should reach 5m.

Q2 hardware sales, which if you remember run from July through to September, are 3.2m PS3s, 3.0m PSPs and 1.9m PS2s.  Those are up from the Q1, April to June, totals of 1.1m, 1.3m and 1.6m respectively.  Looking back a year to Q2 2008 only the PS3 has showed improvement as sales for the three consoles a year ago were 2.4m (PS3), 3.2m (PSP) and 2.5m (PS2).

Remember the launch of the PS3 Slim is included in these figures as that took place in August while the launch of the PSPgo is not reflected as that was not until October.  What is interesting is that Q2 PSP sales were still relatively strong despite the impending PSPgo release.  Maybe that suggests that not many people bother to wait for it.

PlayStation Software

For software across all PS formats they expect to sell a total of 240m units in their 2009 financial year, again unchanged from their last forecast.  Software sales for Q2, by platform, have been 23.9m for the PS3, 12.9m for the PSP with the PS2 recording 11.1m.

As with the hardware these are all up on the Q1 sales of 14.8m, 8.3m and 8.5m respectively.  Compared to Q2 2008 though sales are fairly flat for the PS3 and PSP with PS2 sales halving as the three platforms recorded sales of 21.2m (PS3), 11.8m (PSP) and 23.2m (PS2) a year ago.