Alien Breed Evolution Coming This Year

Alien Breed: Evolution will be with us the end of year, according to DigitalSpy. The game will be split in to three episodes which will be purchased individually with each episode featuring a prologue, two boss battles to fight, five single-player stages and three multiplayer maps.

If you want to see Alien Breed in action, head over to the BBC for a video including an interview with Team 17 head honcho Martyn Brown, a thoroughly nice chap and you should buy him a pint if you ever meet him. Now, don’t get your hopes up but Digital Spy does mention Alien Breed will be hitting XBLA and PSN before the end of the year.


I’m assuming that it’ a mistake as Team 17 have stated previously the Xbox version would come first with the PS3 at a later date but a quick hunt around the web reveals most news stories are stating the PS3 version is out in December. Christmas might come early..