EU Blog Competition Causes PSN Store Blocking

As a preventative measure, if you try to enter false redemption codes into the PlayStation Store too often you’ll be blocked from doing so by the system.  It’s unclear how long for, you just get an error code – 80023156 – informing you that you really should learn to read.  Except it’s not always your fault, because as we’ve experience over the last couple of weeks these ‘missing digit’ competitions are one cause of this blocking – you have to guess the missing letter from the 12-character string, and as you make your way through the alphabet after about 20 goes you’re blocked from trying again.


You’d think, though, that the official EU Blog would know about this measure, but the latest post, one advertising the fact that Unbound Saga is available for digital download did exactly this.  The post had five codes to download, each one missing a character.  I tried – I quite fancied the game for free – but as I made my way down to S (or T, can’t remember) Media Go told me I was blocked.  80023156.  I’m not the only one either, with plenty of the comments so far echoing the same thing.  Apparently you were meant to figure out the code rather than brute-forcing it, but without an idea where to start that argument is moot.

EU Blog, we all want free codes, otherwise we’re sulking.