Rumour: Dead Or Alive 5 Heading To PS3

Apparently, according to some this morning, with one of the Xbox 360’s biggest backers out of the way (bless you, Itagaki) Team Ninja appear to be more free to open up their horizons and rumours are surfacing that Dead Or Alive 5 will be heading to the PlayStation 3 as a multiformat title.  As their work on Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma showed the guys have a firm grasp on the PS3 hardware and I’ve always liked the Dead or Alive series for reasons other than you might expect.  Sure, the Dreamcast version was utterly amazing but the later titles were pretty good too and DoA 4, along with the Xtreme Volleyball games, was a mainstay during the early years of the new Xbox.

Still, the rumours don’t appear to have any grounding, and I get the sneaky suspicion GoFanboy have their wires crossed about something, but hey, I’ll just be here padding out TSA until the real fun starts.