God Of War Collection: 15 Weeks Of Dev

The God Of War collection took just fifteen weeks to transfer from PS2 to PS3 and the decision to create the conversion was taken after Sony noticed everyone was harping on about how good the previous games were during the GOW3 hype.

“The extra horsepower of the PS3 allowed us to keep both games at a consistent 60 frames-per-second,” said John Hight, the director of product development at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, “Most people may not notice, but it smoothes things out and improves the responsiveness. I am still amazed at how flawlessly this project went. It lasted 15 weeks and we went into manufacturing 2 days ahead of schedule with no issues.”


If the God of War Collection sells well then the door may be open for other PS2 games to get a shiny HD makeover, fifteen weeks to churn out two games is incredible and could be a real money spinner for Sony.