Final Fantasy XIII Announcement Coming

Who’s good with puzzles? Even better, who’s good with puzzles based around Final Fantasy XIII? Well, a message on the Square Enix members blog has just the thing for you: A Henchmen Inventor Tent Unto. At this point you can do three things: if you’re particularly keen on countdowns you could solve it as the anagram it is, you could also spoil the fun and skip to the final paragraph, or you can read on as normal and do it my way which is clearly the most accurate and scientific.

Henchmen who guard tents tended to live in ancient times which is commonly where fantasy stories featuring dragons are set. Dragons breath fire and, according to the disappointing 2002 action film Reign of Fire, have a particular fondness for Christian Bale. Christian Bale was the star of The Dark Knight which was the first Batman film where bats where completely missing. Gameplay was completely missing in Metal Gear Solid 4 but it is still the best game of all time.


The best game of all time is definitely not Prototype which was distinctively average once you got about half way through. Half way through a marathon you have run 21.0975 kilometres. Kilometres are used in Australia which is a country with many spiders in it. A Pokemon which looks like a spider is Ariados which is classed as a Long Leg Pokemon. A person with long legs is my friend Jack whose mum works with helicopters. The name of the helicopter in Thomas the Tank Engine was Harold. Harold was the name of a long running character in Neighbours.

My mother watches Neighbours and her sister in law is a nurse. Nurses work in hospitals and who is the coolest guy in the hospital? The ultra-sound guy! And what about when he’s on holiday? The hip replacement guy! Bad jokes are what my friend Louise tells me. Louise doesn’t tell lies. The cake is a lie. Cakes are for birthdays. It’s my birthday on Friday. So we can come to the conclusion that there will be an announcement on Friday, November the 13th!

Good job to us. Over on the, a forum member has also worked out that when the letters of the message are rearranged, the same conclusion is reached: Announcement Nov Thirteenth. Though let’s be honest, who do you think had more fun finding it?

Check back on Friday to find out just what the content of said announcement is.