PSN To Undergo Maintenance As MW2 Hits

Apparently, Modern Warfare 2 comes out tomorrow. What else happens tomorrow? A PSN scheduled maintenance! So, if you were hoping to hop online with the latest FPS, you could be in for some problems. A forum has been posted on the EU Playstation website:

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance – Tuesday 10th November

Please be aware that the PlayStation Network will undergo scheduled maintenance this Tuesday 10th November at 0800 GMT. We estimate that the maintenance will finish at 1100 GMT.

During this time, you may be unable to sign in to the PlayStation Network. We expect that users will be affected for only 15 minutes during this period.

Thanks, MB

Maybe i’m getting more and more cynical with each passing day but since when has a scheduled maintenance of the PSN caused trouble for just 15 minutes? Normally I would think: ‘8-11, most people at work or school’ but seeing as many retailers are holding midnight openings to sell the hotly anticipated game, I can still see many gamers on at the scheduled time. I have a feeling there will be some angry gamers.


Update: Muster Buster, the guy who posted the above thread over at EU Playstion site has defended the decision of the timing, stating:

Consider the impact COD could have on the PlayStation Network tomorrow. Is it not good that maintenance is already pencilled in during which, we can take any steps necessary to bolster the performance of PSN?

I’m not saying PSN will need it, but 15 minutes for the sake of a quick sanity check wont do anyone too much harm

I’m not arguing that, it’s good to see Sony improving things, but it’s still a bit silly isn’t it? The question remains: ‘will it be just 15 minutes?’

Thanks: Jambo GT for update notice