THAT Modern Warfare 2 Scene: It IS Only A Game, Right?

It is only a game right? The media will be on this like a fly on sh… well, you know.  Modern Warfare 2 isn’t exactly Oscar winning in story or narrative and the airport level “No Russian” seems a little slapped on.  But I have played it and wrote this to try and explain what I think the game was going for (Operative), what I “think” a sick twisted individual would be thinking (Terrorist) and what I personally felt and thought when playing the level (Gamer).  Let me know what you think and how you felt.

The Operative

The lift door opens and there they are just going about their everyday lives.  They are saying goodbye to love ones, and welcoming back family and friends after weeks apart.  Their backs turned with no idea of the immediate danger now stepping out of elevator doors to their rear.  The hesitation before pulling that trigger lasted seconds but felt like hours, guilt and duty danced a confusing dance in a ballroom populated by so many thoughts.  The explosion of the first round leaving the barrel was thousands of degrees hotter than the cold heart that pumped icey blood to the finger and squeezed on this instrument of death.

Ten people had been fatally wounded before the first shell casing had hit the floor and the screams were already louder than the cannon I used indiscriminately.  Each spurt of blood drowned my soul deeper and deeper into an abyss where souls are lost forever.  Every bullet that left the weapon took apart of me with it on a one way trip to the town of no redemption.  They told me this would save thousands of lives and that it was for the good of my country, perhaps even the world.  But that doesn’t matter right here and right now when sons are being made orphans and lovers now widows.

If anyone lives to tell the story they will tell of ruthless men slaughtering innocents in a sick and twisted terrorist attack.

How would the country, the world, ever understand that I was assigned this mission to protect them?  Surely even my superiors will not forgive or pardon the horrible things I am doing.  Is this their fault?  Can I find some little comfort in this darkness, a light that may signal this is the right thing to do?  The end is here, the van doors open to reveal a tiny space where I’ll be still to think, a prisoner in my own mind.  White!  Everything is now white.  I feel hot as if the fires of hell are reaching out to pull me to the grave that had instantly been dug with my first step off the elevator.  Am I on fire?

What is happening? What have I done?  Cold – so cold – help me – forgive me – what have I done? Nooooooo.

The terrorist

This is what I was born for!  To make a statement and have the world see the lengths I will go to just to be heard.  There they all are.  Going about their miserable lives without a care for what is going on around them.  Without the guts to do what needs to be done to cement their beliefs in the history of this pitiful society.  Pulling this trigger will end their lives as cowards and will teach the world we are not to be fucked with!

Stop screaming you wimps or I’ll shoot your children too!  Silence!  Just die you pathetic people and maybe with your deaths you can serve a better purpose, perhaps I am now God, redeeming your usefulness for the greater cause.  Look at them, crawling away like bugs, trying to escape the inevitable.  You pitiful piece of shit, come here….there, you can’t escape fate you dogs.  Ah, the van.  Finally the world will now see the… uh!  Suddenly cold… what is happening?  It is too late… I have succeeded!

I will be made immortal in the history of these events.  I WILL BE HEARD… ehhh.

The Gamer

What the hell!  It’s so freakin’ dark!  Pause this bitch whilst I go close the curtains.  Stupid sun glare!  Oh bollocks I’m out of Red Bull.  Oooo the lift doors are opening.  Wow look at all the people, that is quite impressive, not as many non-playables as Dead Rising but still a fair few.  What the hell?  I gotta walk?  Fuck sake… any achievements in this level?  Holy crap!  I gotta kill them all?  Good job this is only a game… here goes.  Bam… ba ba ba bam – whoah this is quite intense!

Am I meant to feel a little guilty here?  Oh damn the police are here, stupid Veteran difficulty.  Ha!  Your riot shields won’t stop my grenades bitches… mu ha ha haw!  Oooo… a riot shield.  Think I’ll just hold this shield up and hit those checkpoints.  La da da dee, la da da darrr.  Wahoo a van, must be the end.  How the hell do I get in… you bastard!  You shot mmm… oh I see.  Ok… I can live with that.  So what the hell was all the controversy on this all about?  Lame ass media… its a freakin’ game dumb asses.

Right, lets try Spec Ops.