Activision Looking For A New Hero

Really exciting news has been revealed. Oh, no…wait…sorry, wrong piece of news. Mildy interesting, not at all surprising news has been revealed; Activision want to trademark Drum Hero. Yay, a new and fresh IP to hit our consoles…oh, sorry, wrong piece again. The company filed for the trademark back in October.

Now, with Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero under their belt, the uninspiring range of rhythm-based games looks set to expand, yet again.


Hey! What with Natal and the PS3 Wand out next year, how about a motion-based brand of ‘Hero’ games? You know, like Morris Dancing Hero or Two-Step Hero. Better yet; why not combine your two main ideas and create a Modern Warfare Hero, which comes with a  plastic M16 Rifle peripheral whereby the player has to follow on-screen prompts to fire bullets and grenades all the while the soundtrack progresses with each correctly pressed, multi-colour button? How about Cow Hero? Simple concept; a peripheral shaped like a set of Udders is your tool and your objective is to see just how much cash, sorry, I mean milk, you can get from stale ol’ Daisy.

Source: Joystiq