Inferno Pool: Advanced Tutorials

Hello, I’m Rob from Dark Energy Digital, creators of Inferno Pool, and for any readers of TheSixthAxis yet to perfect the art of the Jump Shot or the devastation of the Power Break here are some cool new Inferno Pool tutorial videos for all you.

Video 1 – How to do Swerve Shots:


Video 2 – Skill Shots Tutorial:

Video 3 – Endurance Mode Tutorial:

Video 4 – Multiplayer Nominations Tutorial:

Inferno Pool is out now in Europe on the PS3 and in the States (and Japan) on the Xbox 360 – if anyone needs a voucher code for the American Xbox 360 version TheSixthAxis have a few codes spare – drop them a line in the comments.  TSA’s Liam scored the PS3 version a fantastic 9/10 in the TheSixthAxis review.