Potential PSPgo Pigments

New PSP colours can often be seen as Sony trying to reinvigorate sales. They have done so with the PSP-1/2/3000s.  While no new colours for the PSPgo have been announced Sony do at least seem to be trying to find out which colours people might like to see.

A Destructoid reader has sent in a screen capture of part of a customer survey they were asked to take part in.  The image shows PSPgos (or should that be PSPgoes?) in fourteen different colours, including the black and white you can already get buy them in.

Alongside the usual PSP colours like red, blue and pink are some more unusual hues including a very dubious “Lemon”.  We are also used to seeing silver PSPs but interestingly that option is not present.  Could Sony’s interest in different colours for the PSPgo be a reaction to seemingly poor initial sales?  Which would you pick?