Lunchtime Discussion: Lunch

Over the weekend we experimented with Jus’ Rol, it’s like a cool, half-ready pastry that you just roll out and then, once you’ve stuck loads of tasty ingredients on, just bakes in the oven and puffs up nicely.  I’ve got a little bit left over for my lunch today, so I’m having that with a lovely bit of rocket, which will hopefully be rather splendid, and doing a bit of writing for the site.

Normally, though, I’d just have a sandwich, or a bit of smoked salmon on a bagel – the doughy product of choice for many of TSA’s writers.  So, as topically astute as we can be with a regular dubbed ‘Lunchtime Discussion’, what are you having today for your midday energy, and if you’re currently playing a video game whilst eating it, which is it, and what’s your favourite gaming snack?