Modern Warfare Upsets Religious Leaders

Nothing like a bit of scandal to keep your game in the headlines and we haven’t had a Modern Warfare 2 story for at least twenty minutes. The ill-informed are having another stab at the game;

“We fudge this issue about children time and time again throughout this debate. Let’s face it – it’s children playing this game,” said Chief executive of the London Jewish Forum Alex Goldberg. Has Mr Goldberg spotted the big “18” on the front of the box I wonder? Or even seen the box? He continues, “In the Holy scriptures, when Cain kills Abel, God asks him one question: Are you your brother’s keeper? The rest of the bible is an answer to that – and it’s a big yes. When I play this game I don’t get that answer – I get upset.”


I’m not quite sure the purpose of Modern Warfare 2 was to answer philosophical and religious questions. When Delia Smith makes a cake she doesn’t explain how it’s going to feed five thousand people. Next up to criticise the game was Fazan Mohammed of the British Muslim Forum,

“Joseph Goebbels – the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany – said his entertainment did more for the German people, in terms of creating the psyche for war and hostility towards others, than the speeches of Adolf Hitler. The idea this is entertainment is not justification whatsoever.”

I think Fazan Mohammed is suggesting those who play the game will be ‘hostile’ in real life. If that were true, those of us playing Uncharted should be scaling the walls of the nearest Mayan temple, or after a quick game of Ratchet & Clank, donning a furry suit and rescuing the universe with a massive wrench. The retired Bishop of Hulme, the Rt. Reverend Stephen Lowe did seem to get the point even though he did not quite understand it.

“If you are in that role, which is a terrorist in a game killing other people with massive violence coming back at you on the screen, and [you’re getting a] thrill from that, I think that’s actually sick. We need to sort that out.”

Its generally agreed you are not meant to enjoy the airport section and that only sick puppies enjoy murdering civilians. Final word goes to TV agony Aunt Jennifer Trent-Hughes who said that witnessing a video of the airport section made her cry.

“I felt sick to my stomach and I was frightened,” she said. “People are screaming, there’s blood splattering all over the screen. It is absolutely awful. I sat there with my son, who’s 15, and he was like [covers eyes].”

I have contacted Miss Trent-Hughes to ask her why she allowed her fifteen year old son to view an 18 rated game.

Meanwhile, Russian officials have reportedly pulled Modern Warfare 2 from the shelves due to the controversial airport level. Strangely they did not object to the level where Russia invades the United States and blows up the White House. Funny old world, isn’t it?