SingStar Gets Buggy

I wasn’t aware of this until now, but it looks as though SingStar update 4.2 has actually caused a massive amount of problems for fans, with some rather destructive bugs.  The three main issues appear to be SingStore songs being deleted from the hard drive, the game crashing in the middle of a song and various media file corruption.  Heaven only knows how all this has come about  but because they’re all file-based issues I’m guessing somebody made a boo-boo with the file access routines.

The SingStar team aren’t rushing out an update, however.  “Due to the severity of these bugs there was a very real possibility of a quick fix actually making these problems worse,” said the devs on their Facebook page, “and that is why we have opted instead for a very thorough development and Quality Assurance test process to ensure that the problems that you are experiencing are resolved.”  Thankfully, it appears the bug fixing has actually already been completed.


“The bugs have now been fixed and SingStar v4.30 is currently with our First Party QA. The patch should pass by the end of this week,” says the team.  “Once passed the patch will be sent to our Format QA teams in Europe and America for final sign off which takes approximately 10 working days. After FQA approval is given the patch will be uploaded to the servers, this will take a day or two, and will then be ready for you to download.”

The team, then, is currently aiming for a target date of the first of December, with the reassurance that is anyone is having any issues with lost song downloads, all this will be fixed when 4.30 turns up and at that point you’ll be able to re-download any missing tracks.  In my opinion this is a pretty quick turnaround, with the developers apparently working flat out to not only find the bugs but also address them and then get the patch pushed through the lengthy QA process.  Nice work.

Finally, looks like Paul McCartney’s getting a Track Pack soon…