Gearbox Turned Down Blade Runner

Blade Runner as an RPG Shooter? Unfortunately it is not to be. Gearbox President, Randy Pitchford, tells all,

“One of my partners, Brian Martell, had Blade Runner on the list of IPs we wanted to use,” he said, “We chased it down and we could have had it. But that one failed on the business side, because the way we wanted to do it we wanted to spend $25m. And when you do the math on that, we weren’t going to make it back.”


“You’re going to spend $25m, there’s another £10-15m risk just in the publishing process, and then you got another £10-15m marketing, and we didn’t think that we could make that back. So that’s too bad.”

This is such a shame, the Blade Runner universe could have been turned in to a brilliant game as the imagery and soundtrack are iconic.

Source: OXM