Online ‘Components’ Coming To inFamous 2?

A while ago, it was reported that inFamous 2 may already be underway when David Sullivan, an actor, tweeted that he was auditioning for the part of Cole – inFamous’ lead character. Now, if inFamous 2 is the game in question, it would appear that Sucker Punch are including online features in the sequel.

As spotted by CVG, a job advertisement has revealed that Sucker Punch Productions are looking for a Network Programmer to “implement the on-line component for our forthcoming AAA title.” Apart from the usual C++ experience and “energetic” personality requirements, the post has also stated that the project is indeed for the Playstation 3.


Of course, this might not be inFamous 2 at all; maybe they are working on a new title.

Source: CVG and Gamasutra