Activision Add Third Call of Duty Developer?

Sometimes news is weird, dubious and seems to get going on its own. At the end of a pretty long article on the Modern Warfare 2 launch, the LA Times throws in a paragraph about Activision having “aggressive expansion plans” for the Call of Duty franchise. Well that sounds right for Activision. However the interesting part is that they also state that Activision is adding a third developer alongside Infinity Ward and Treyarch. They also speculate on the occasionally rumoured Call of Duty MMO, something that may match up with Activision’s desire to monetise the series’ online.

My take on this? Mostly dubiousness. It may well match in with the announcement of newly formed Sledgehammer Games, a new Activision developer in the San Francisco Bay Area formed by the former heads of Dead Space developer Visceral Games Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. It’s been stated that they’ll be working on an existing Activision IP, so they could well be the new CoD developer. However with no source on where the LA Times got this info, not even talk of an ‘insider’ or ‘off the record’ comments, I’ll wait till we get something a little more concrete.

Source: LA Times, Kotaku (Twice)