Lunchtime Discussion: Gamesharing

Gamesharing, the process of distributing the cost of PSN titles between friends by sharing user accounts, has been going on the PS3 since day one.  Announced by Jack Tretton as a unique selling point for the console, you could previously share games with up to four people, or systems, but yesterday’s breaking news that Sony have reduced that number to 3, along with other imposing restrictions, has upset quite a few people.

We’ve spoken to a few developers on gamesharing over the years, most of them don’t agree with the principle, but gamers often do – it’s a way of reducing the cost of a game by dividing up which of your friends is paying for this week’s game – if you take turns, it’s a fair and fun way of getting your hands on more games.  As of yesterday, though, it’s clear that Sony aren’t happy about this and want to dramatically reduce the number of users of the system.


What are your thoughts on this – do you gameshare, will you continue to do so, or have you never done this and fully support the developers and publishers by buying all your PSN games yourself?