Analyst: Game Prices To Fall

A new report by EEDAR (Electronic Entertainment Design And Research) indicates some good news for 2010. The introduction of Natal and ‘Sony Motion’ should bring in a raft of casual gamers and thus help prices fall.

“Sony Motion and Project Natal will play their role in driving prices down. EEDAR believes that both the Sony Motion and Project Natal will create resurgence in demand among the casual market. Given that the casual market is more price sensitive and that overall economic health is not expected to dramatically improve in 2010, it is expected that there will be a sufficient increase in lower priced games targeted at this casual/mainstream audience to drive down the median price of titles for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”

The bad news is that the forecasted price cuts will not happen until this time next year and that ‘premium’ titles will remain at the high price point.

As a side note, “Sony Motion”? Is that the official name?

Source: IndustryGamers