Final Fantasy XIII Specs Leaked

Sick of hard drive installations, are you? If, like me, you’ve already filled your 160GB internal drive with ridiculously high bitrate PlayTV recordings, the odd movie, demo and the worst offender – mandatory PS3 game installs – you’ll be happy to know that Final Fantasy XIII won’t need to take up 4GB of your precious space because it appears, judging by the ‘leaked’ box art above, to run just fine from disk.  Even the save games are only 500K.


The back of the box also confirms that the game will feature lovely PCM 5.1 audio and pre-rendered 1080p cutscenes, which will look rather lovely despite the game itself only running at 720p.  The game, as if you hadn’t already guessed from being a Final Fantasy game, will feature bendy love hearts, detailed and frank discussion on inter-gender sex and a bloke with a rather disjointed little finger.  Ah, those crazy Japanese and their silly ways.

Via UffSite.