The Saboteur Developer Interview

Next week sees the release of Pandemic Studio’s The Saboteur. The title is set in WWII occupied Paris and follows the action of Irish race car driver Sean Devlin who’s in Paris for a race, after the race his friend is killed by the occupying forces and you get to play Sean as he takes revenge by slaughtering the Nazi’s.

Having only limited funds my Nov/Dec game purchase came down to a choice between Assassin’s Creed 2 and The Saboteur, I decided to go for the one which I felt offers something different and the widest variety of gameplay, but unfortunately for Pandemic most of the games buying public seems to have gone the other route.


The game is an open world, sandbox third person shooter and seems to borrow many gameplay elements from other games; the open-wordness, vehicles and weapons from a GTA game along with rising wanted levels, parkour and stealth from  Assassin’s Creed where every single building can be climbed, even the Eiffel Tower and if you act strangely you will alert the Nazis, and finally inFAMOUS where you can ‘free’ areas of the city, occupied areas are played in black & white (Sin City style) and you bring colour to the area by helping the resistance defeat the Nazis.

The gameplay looks to be quite deep, because not only do you have perform kills to arm yourself, but you can pass on your new found weaponry to the resistance so as they are able to assist you better in missions. If you want the really good stuff though you’ll have to get your wanted alert level all the way to the top, but then you obviously stand a greater chance of being killed.

In the clip below the developer also talks about expanding the world either through DLC or a sequel, although with EA effectively torpedoing the studio I presume that’s unlikely at this stage. Unfortunately the title also appears to feature the worst Irish and French accents ever found in a video game, and yes this vid does feature the theme to ‘Allo ‘Allo but what the hell you get to blow stuff up, right?

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