New Firmware To Kickstart 3D Support?

Chris has already mentioned that 3D support is heading to all PlayStation 3s via a future firmware update as revealed in Sony’s recent media/investor presentation, but we’ve heard rumours over the last couple of days that the process of working with the new technology will start with the next major point release of the PS3’s system software, which we think is due sometime early next year.

Of course, Sony themselves have already spoken out on the new firmware at IFA 2009, which they then targetted as ‘2010’.  Don’t get too excited at this point – this new firmware update won’t have any 3D benefit for end users yet – this is something we assume is purely for development purposes with the fruits of their labour probably publicly available by the time next Christmas rolls around.


Currently it’s unknown whether the 3D firmware update will retroactively enable all existing games to simply ‘work’ in three dimensions, or whether each and every game will need a new patch to be up and running, but we’re guessing it is the latter.  Recent demos to the press of WipEout HD and Gran Turismo 5 using the relatively new 3D technology were stunning, apparently.

You’ll need a new HDTV and some new glasses.  Who’s in?