TSA Advent Calendar: Day 4

As we have previously established, all the good games are coming out in March 2010 and the chances are that come December 25th you will already have Modern Warfare 2, Asassins Creed 2 and all the other big games. Asking for video games as gifts is a bad idea as you’re more likely to end up with a copy of Millennium Series Championship Paintball 2009 than Uncharted 2. Not only that, but yesterday we also pointed out to you that you can’t even ask for all the “new technology” that’s around so in today’s Advent Calender I present a handy gift guide, print this out and give it to Aunty Beryl and tell her to pick something off the list.

nerdNerd Dad T-shirt

Specifically chosen for our beloved leader, Nofi. When babies appear you can expect gaming to go out of the window, so why not show the world you are a proud gaming dad in spirit, if not in practise.

The shirt is guaranteed to protect you from baby barf at least 0% of the time and makes perfect nightwear for those 3am feedings. Source: Zazzle


rubiksTouch Screen Rubik’s Cube

Ranking a perfect 10 out of 10 on the awesome scale, this is a thing of beauty, a Rubik’s cube that can double as a work of modern art. Rather than wrench the sections of the cube about, simply slide your finger  across the row you wish to movie and watch the panels recolour. Utterly gorgeous. Source: Hammacher

healHealth Bar Pendant

Let’s face it, gamers are not very good when it comes to accessorising, colour co-ordinating or wearing anything more fashionable than a Left 4 Dead 2 promotional t-shirt. This is simply unacceptable so why not spice things up with this unique ‘Health Bar Pendant’ and add a bit of bling to your life. Source: GamerJewelry

hoodyThe Re-Invaded Hoody

Whilst Nofi will have to stick to the ‘Sensible Dad’ T-shirt this is my top pick of gaming wear. The hoody is no longer the domain of packs of knife wielding teenage oiks so why not get one with a classic space invader down the front. The hoody also features three smaller invaders down the back. Retro, yet 2010. Source: Splitreason


Zombie Survival Guide

Selected for our resident Zombiephile, Gamoc. This book contains detailed plans and hints the help you survive the imminent zombie attack. ‘So meticulous and well researched that it’s more scary than funny. This book lays out everything you need to know to protect yourself from flesh-eating monsters’ said Esquire. Source: Amazon

dkjengaDonkey Kong Jenga

Let’s face it, Jenga is a bit crap. Mash it up with Donkey Kong and you have something a bit special. You get 54 black hardwood blocks decked out with the iconic Donkey Kong girders. Build your tower the traditional way or climb the girders with Mario to save Pauline from Donkey Kong. Source: Amazon

orpheKrator Orpheous Metal Guitar

I don’t play Guitar Hero because I don’t want to look like a total ming-mong strumming a plastic guitar. If the Krator Orpheus was plugged in I might change my mind. Yes, this is a Guitar Hero / Rock Band controller and it’s a work of art. Lovingly crafted from wood and aliminium the wireless conroller features esquisite detailing and genuine craftmanship. Krator have yet to officially announce the guitar, so keep an eye on their site for details. Website: Krator

gpwhizGP2X Wiz Mame Emulator

Let’s ignore the terrible name for a moment because this is one serious slice of retro gaming action. A portable console that can run games for –  are you ready for this – Atari ST games, Commodore 64, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, NeoGeo, Genesis and more.

Simply download the emulators and games you require, slap them on the memory stick and off you go. Shadow of the Beast in your pocket, Speedball on the bus, Golden Axe at the checkout in Tesco. Source: Thinkgeek

pair2Pair-2-Go PS3 3-1 Controller

What do you get when a Sixaxis and a mobile phone go on a holiday to Paris and end up falling in love? You get babies in the shape of the Pair To Go PS3 Controller, that’s what. This handy remote control features a slide up panel under which is a full QWERTY keyboard and two thumb sticks. Probably not great for playing Uncharted 2 but ideal for tapping out quick messages and navigating round the internet. The controller is released 18th December. Source: Amazon