MW2 Javelin Glitch Patch Coming Soon

I still think Modern Warfare 2’s single player is a big puddle of vastly over-rated pish, and all the talk recently of glitching and cheaters online just confirms my suspicions that multiplayer wasn’t worth getting involved with either.  Still, if you’ve been on the arse-end of the now infamous ‘Javelin Glitch’ rest assured that Infinity Ward are working on it – Robert Bowling’s on the case.  “Patch 1.06 is still coming down the pipeline,” he says.

“Using a glitch in a game to get an advantage is explicitly called out in the ToU. It’s not like people are doing it by accident,” said Xbox 360 online boss Stephen Toulouse. So, do the glitch on your Xbox 360 and face a ban from Live.  Do it on your PS3 and you’ll probably get an invite to some kind of beta, though, as Sony don’t really seem to care.  Praise be, then, for Infinity Ward.  And a little bit of common sense.