BreakQuest Minis Now Running On PS3

I’ll be honest, the initial 3.15 ‘launch’ was disappointing, but it appears that Minis developers are keen to patch up their games so they work on the PS3. Alexey from Beatshapers has just emailed in to say that their game, BreakQuest, has been updated to work on the Minis emulator on the PS3 and is actually even better now it’s running on the PSP’s big brother because of the Dual Shock 3’s analog stick being easier to use than the PSPgo’s.

In addition, though, the developers have added new controls to the PSP version so they’re less sensitive and a couple of minor bugs have been ironed out. “BreakQuest Minis is one of few PSP Minis games available for PS3 customers with 3.15 FW right now”, Alexey Menshikov, Founder and CEO told us. “After the first announcement from Sony about the PS3 emulator, we were very curious to see the game in HD resolution but its looks awesome!”


To get the update, just re-download the Minis.  BreakQuest is expected on the US PSN Store in January 2010.