Sony Give Away 4 Free Minis Including Velocity

Sony are currently running a promotion on their PlayStation Facebook page in which you can bag yourself four Mini games: Velocity, Canabalt, Wizorb and the Breakquest Bundle.

You do have to perform some web acrobatics and ‘Like’ a page and promote the offer via Twitter to unlock all the minis but, hey, free stuff.

I’m sure you all know just how fab Velocity is, Dan gave it 10/10, saying ‘Not only is it the best mini I’ve ever played, but it could also stand toe to toe with some of the PSN’s big hitters. All of this for £3.99.’ Now the game is free so I’m unofficially adding an extra mark to the score now making Velocity the first game to score 11/10.

Breakquest is another little gem of a game, I have spent many an hour playing it on my Vita and the offer gives you not only the original game but Breakquest Evolution as well.

Sadly I have not played the other two games but I seem to recall Wizorb and Canabalt getting some decent reviews, the latter has recently been included in an exhibit on video games at the Museum of Modern Art.

Source: Facebook


  1. Awesome news, I have my games done and dusted in less than 5 minutes too.

  2. Claimed in under three minutes…. Was almost going to buy velocity too… Now I have an even greater game to time ratio… They will never all get played…. :-(

  3. Great, got Velocity but free is free & they’ll play on my old PSP :)

  4. What a shame I stopped using FB 6 years ago. Well, at least I already own Velocity.

  5. Can’t work out how to get this to work, all it does is reload the same page whenever I click the link on their fb page.

    • I had this problem when I was trying to view it on my phone via Facebook or via the Internet browser but found it worked fine when I did it on my computer with normal browser. Don’t know whether this helps you or not as not sure how you were accessing it.

  6. I have all of them.The first BreakQuest game and Velocity are the pick of that bunch imo.
    Also, i found Jetpack Joyride for free on the store when i was browsing last night and it wasn’t part of ps+.

    • Yeah they made Jetpack free with in game purchases. Must say the minis are not that good except for Velocity imo.

  7. Awesome but i have never used fb or twitter

  8. Fyi. If you already own Breakquest, you can’t redeem the bundle.

  9. Great give away, even better, I don’t own any of them.

  10. “Web acrobatics”. Hehe. :)

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