Futurlab release prototype footage of Velocity Supernova

The Velocity games really put Futurlab on map with both Velocity and Velocity 2X being seen as some iconic shoot-em ups in recent years. After Velocity 2X it seemed that Futurlab moved on from the series but it has now emerged that there was a third Velocity game being prototyped, but it never got picked up by publishers. Velocity Supernova would have changed the series by moving to a 3D view with the camera being behind the ship. Kai would also have got out and her movement would have been similar to that found in the Jet Set Radio games. Futurlab released some prototype footage of Velocity Supernova and you can watch it below.


In the video description, Futurlab wrote:

This prototype proved every mechanic from the original could be translated to 3D, and it feels fantastic to play. Kai also jumps out on foot, teleports around in third person view, and even drifts around corners like a vehicle, which felt awesome.

Futurlab has confirmed that Velocity Supernova is no longer in development, that is unless something changes and a publisher does decide to pick up the game. Instead, Futurlab are working on two very different games. The first is Peaky Blinders: Mastermind which is a puzzle and strategy title that is expected to release soon on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. The other game is Powerwash Simulator in which players can cathartically clean up some filthy places. A demo is available to play Powerwash Simulator on PC.

Source: YouTube

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